A bit of Drama?

Drama ~ the quality of being arresting or highly emotional

If you ask me what type of movies/television shows I enjoy watching, I'd definitely tell you that it's not going to be drama. I've never been a fan of drama for as far back as I can remember. It's never as fun as comedy or as exciting and eventful as fantasy movies/shows, in my opinion.

But that was before a friend of mine started bringing home a bunch of those Korean films. (Surprisingly, the films are quite good -
impressive acting, story and cinematography, the productions in general are noticeably very professional) The drama is unlike any I've seen before, my friends would literally bawl like babies in some scenes. Including me? Ahem.. Of course not. Everybody knows that real boys don't cry.

So, why does drama bring so much impact? Is it because everyone of us could relate when it comes to drama unlike in other genres? Are we getting a little too high with all the drama that's happening? Getting lost in it? Even forming addictions? Who cares, right? I think we all could use a bit of drama, those occasional tugs at our hearts. Try them (the films/series :D) and I'll bet you'll understand what I'm saying. :]