Danielle Fishel

Anyone who've seen an episode of Boy meets World would never forget Danielle Fishel, known as Topanga Lawrence in the comedy series; The cute girl with a bright smile who grew up to be one of the most beautiful young actress in showbiz. Now at 26, her unassuming radiant smile that's always beaming with confidence is simply unforgettable.

Danielle Christine Fishel was born on May 5, 1981 in Mesa, Arizona. She began her professional acting career at age 10 where she made many guest appearances and commercials. Her first noteworthy project was her several commercials for the popular doll Barbie. At 13 years old, she became a regular cast in 'Boy Meets World'as Topanga, the love interest of the main star Cory Matthews, after several guest appearances. A character that soon became an essential part of the very popular sitcom and one of the reasons why fans started tuning in / stayed tuned in. The show brought Danielle Fishel much attention even landing her on the cover of Seventeen Magazine - one of US's most popular magazines. She was also voted as one of Teen People's magazine hottest stars under the age of 21.

Danielle's last film was in the sequel movie National Lampoon's Dorm Daze 2 as Marla, a College student who's a bit of a bad girl but later changes her ways. She will also be providing the voice of Donna Goldstein, one of the lead characters in the up and coming 2008 animated movie 'The Chosen One'.