Transformers transform to the Big Screen

With the advent of the new Transformers Movie from Dreamworks, more and more people are regaining their long lost enthusiasm for Transformers. People have started rekindling their interest in them, ever since tiny details of the movie started coming out. I have to admit, I'm one of those people. I really can't blame myself - as I child I grew up watching Transformers: The Animated Series. There was even that particular moment in my childhood when I'd wake up so early in the morning just to watch a Japanese version of it. I could still remember all the scoldings and the number of tardiness I was rewarded in school because of it.

Anyways, seeing the CG effects of the movie made me really excited. These are what 3Dimentionalized (Is there such a word?) Transformers are supposed to be - unlike in the Beast Wars/Beast machine series aired on televisions years ago. The 3D effects and environment, in my humble opinion, was terrible. If not for the exceptionally good storyline and great characters the series probably wouldn't have made it.. the movie is a whole different story though. From what I've seen and heard so far, I'm pretty sure that it'll make as good impact (if not more) as those Transformers tv series that most of us enjoyed as kids.

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