Cold Cuts of Life..

Some have it easy.. like all the sausages and bacons in a supermart's freezer. They will always be picked no matter what, very much unlike the rest. Take chicken nuggets for example, nobody likes chicken nuggets (well.. atleast I'd like to think so). People of all ages won't have problems liking saugages and bacons; But when it come to the like of chicken nuggets, you'd have problems even considering it i'd bet - unless you're below 10. Children seem to always see the good things in just about anything - have you noticed?

Things that have it easy usually doesn't need a lot to be liked. Those other things ( the chicken nuggets) on the other hand, need different (other) reasons just to be loved. The chicken nuggets (again..) for example, when dipped on any kind of dip (??) tastes a whole lot better - you can love it for that. The same goes for everything (uhm.. yes, even tv shows), there will always be something good in/about them. We just have to know what it is - go beyond the first impressions.


Bernadette said...

The fact that chicken nuggets exist must mean that, however few, people who like chicken nuggets exist. That should give enough comfort to Chicken nuggets. What's so good about being liked by so many people anyway??

jo_cstd said...

Thank you for the comment. "What's so good about being liked by so many people anyway??" A good question to ponder. :)

m0nai said...

that's true. some could just be who they are and be liked by almost everyone. others really have to try hard. but you see, maybe its the wrong crowd and/or wrong customers. try looking for your own niche. if they're chicken nuggets and grownups don't like them, then go with the kids.

life is just a matter of searching for oneself and his/her part in society.^_^