Who wants to be Blue when you can be Yellow!?

Unless it includes robots, swords or guns - I'm not watching it. That was my sort of "motto" regarding cartoons as a kid. Then I saw my very first episode of The Simpsons. It was like nothing I've ever seen before. I can still remember me and my friends laughing the whole time the show was on. Back then I had no idea of the freeze frame gags and saw very little of the sign gags that the show is widely known for. It was only after I receive a copy of The Simpsons Series as a gift and re-watch the whole series (pausing on appropriate frames of the episodes) that I was able to see these freeze frame gags that people are talking about. I finally understood what all the buzz was about - the funny dialogues and comical scenes are really just a tiny part of what The Simpsons is all about. No wonder it's the longest running American sitcom. And at 25, I'm still watching it - that's more that 15 years now. D'oh!

The Simpsons family lives a "Middle American" lifestyle and is a one-income, working class family. Homer Simpson is a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and a generally well-meaning buffoon. Marge Simpson is for the most part a stereotypical American housewife and mother. Bart Simpson is a ten-year-old troublemaker who thinks of himself as a rebel. Lisa Simpson is an extremely intelligent eight-year old middle child who is often involved in left-wing activism and loves playing the saxophone. Maggie Simpson is a baby who sucks on a pacifier, falls down a lot and does not speak. The family has a dog (Santa's Little Helper), a cat (Snowball II), as well as several other one-shot pets. Despite the fact that numerous yearly milestones (such as holidays or birthdays) clearly pass, the Simpsons do not physically age. - wikipedia

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