The Tale of One Gamer??

I started playing video games at the age of 8, the very moment an aunt gave me my very first gaming console. Since then, I can't seem to get enough of the virtual world - not that I'm addicted to it or something - at least not anymore. I've toned down my choices of games, unlike before where I'd play any new games I see. Now that I'm in my age, I've developed a strong preference to games that belong RPG/D&D genre.

Why D&D/RPG? It's really hard to explain. But there's just something in D&D/RPG that's not in other genres. In RPGs and D&Ds, you get to really be "involve" in the game. You get to "be" the main character. Feel what they feel.. through engaging and rich plots/storyline. See what they see.. through many different realms/worlds. And face what they face.. get to be the one to decide what to do during situations. Of course it might just be me, a D&D/RPG enthusiast, talking and your opinion can be very different from mine. lol.

The Dungeons and Dragons TV Series co-produced by Marvel Productions and TSR shows a lot of the good stuffs about D&D. Oh btw, did I tell you that there are a millions (maybe even billions) of D&D/RPG fans around the world? :D

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