I can still remember watching the classic TV Series of Batman when I was still a child. Although non-animated television series wasn't one of my interests back then, I still ended up watching the series rather than do whatever it is that most kids of that age usually does. There was probably something in the Batman 1960's series that made such an impact on my "young mind".
Now that I think about it, this is the only classic series I remember watching. The Whams! Pows! Clangs! Whacks! during fight scenes are still fresh in my mind - up until this day. That part of the show really set this classic series apart from rest. Aside from the "visual sound effects", the music theme that consisted of repeated "Batman!" cries was also very catchy. I think everybody knows this music tune, even those who haven't even seen a single episode of the show.

Da - da - da - da - da - da - da - da - da - da - da - da - da - Batman!!

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